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eating for sustainability

[ f r e e ] nutrition for dancers workshop handouts with insights into nutrition habits + eating for sustainability.

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originally presented at the
DC Dancer Health Fair 2022

Join Melissa as she shares insights into nutrition habits and eating for sustainability. Melissa is a nutritionist who dances professionally + teaches yoga in the DMV.  She specializes in nutrition for performance athletes and is excited to share her knowledge with freelance dancers in the DC metro area.

In this workshop we will cover sustainability through the lens of

Healthy Morning

eMpower your dancing

Your performance includes more than what an audience sees onstage. Together, we address all aspects of what makes you the dancer you are and can be, beyond food choice + related behaviors.

Opting into an eMpower performance plan provides a custom wellness plan, check-in sessions + accountability, scheduling priority, and more.

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I'm ready!

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